When someone close to us dies, this is the hardest of times. Our church has been the focus for the grief of this community throughout its long life. We welcome you to approach us either for a minister to take your loved one’s funeral or for advice in bereavement or for a place to come and to be, either to sit inside the church building or else in the churchyard.

Our ministers are licensed and trained to take funeral services. These are usually for members of the parish of Chalfont St Giles, but on occasion we conduct services for those who live outside our boundaries as well. The service is always discussed beforehand with the close relatives of the deceased and often included prayers, bible reading, eulogy, hymns and other elements as well, such as special pieces of music, poems etc. 

We conduct services both inside the parish church building and at the local Crematorium, depending upon the preference of each family. We have a churchyard which is closed now to burials but with some space for the interment of cremated remains for those who have lived inside our parish boundaries. We also offer trained lay people who are willing to meet and to listen to those who are grieving after the funeral service is all over.

Once a year in November at All Souls' Tide we offer prayer for all those bereaved in the year past and each week in our weekly prayers we remember those by name who seek our prayers for their comfort and support. We encourage you to make contact through our church office with our ministers, either for some informal advice or else when the time comes for you to arrange the funeral of a loved one.

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