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Reading the Bible

Several organisations produce Bible reading aids.  

The following Apps are available:

  • The Bible in one year –  (iOS or Android app) - Daily Bible readings by David Suchet, brief comments by Nicky & Pippa Gumbel (Holy Trinity, Brompton)

Bible reading notes are available in paper and/or digital formats. Typically, the notes provide a daily Bible reading, an explanation of the text and / or some questions to ponder and points for prayer.  Most give readings for 3 months; some are dated, others undated. Most are available in paper and digital formats.

Here are the web details of organisations and the Bible notes produced by them:

If you would like to browse some printed versions, St. Andrews Bookshop, High Street, Great Missenden, HP16 0AA (Tel: 01494 862168) stocks a range of Bible reading notes.

If you prefer traditional books – ‘Through the year with John Stott’ provides 365 undated daily reflections from Genesis to Revelation. Obtainable from Christian bookshops or online, e.g.,

Prayer Resources

If you prefer formal or liturgical prayer, Common Worship is the Church of England’s contemporary language prayer book.  On the C of E website, you will find 2 apps/podcasts based on Common Worship – Time to Pray and Daily Prayer.

If you prefer extempore prayer, some people find it helpful to use the acronym ACTS as a framework for their prayers:

  • Adoration – thanking God for who he is or being still in his presence

  • Confession – saying sorry for thoughts, words and deeds that do not honour God

  • Thanksgiving – thanking God for all his good gifts in our lives

  • Supplication – praying for the needs of the world, including our own

Some people like to keep a prayer journal with details of prayers and answers.

Generosity - how you can help

  • Church Welcome desk team

  • Choir members & musicians,

  • Bible readers & intercession leaders

  • Leaders and helpers for Rendezvous, Chatterbox & Y Zone

  • Church cleaning

  • Church flowers team

  • Refreshments team (currently on hold)

  • Bell ringers

  • Churchyard gardening team

  • Church Watch (April to September)

  • Church Wardens & Parochial Church Council members

  • Mission, Pastoral Care, Discipleship & Fabric Committee members

Please speak to a member of the clergy or a church warden if you would like to know more about being involved in any of the above activities.

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